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Judith Janzen’s Online Vocal Coaching

“Just SING plus”
sing from your heart and with “know-how”

Hi dear Singing Tribe,

Guess what? I’m bringing something special to my Vocal Success Studio – it’s my brand-new online vocal coaching program, “Just SING plus”


Vocal Success Studio - Judith Janzen - Online Vocal Coaching Program Sing-Let's-Sing

Just Imagine combining the heart of Canadian warmth with the discipline of opera and the freedom of voice that every one of us deserves. That’s what I’m about. And after more than 40 years on stage and in teaching studios, I’m pouring every ounce of that experience into this program.

This Online Vocal Coaching Course, applying to all genres, will significantly benefit your vocal range, breath support and vocal placement, giving you a structured plan on how to begin to reach your goals.

Consistent implementation of the technique tools, song interpretation and mindset strategies, combined with your love to sing are your guarantee for succeeding.
To “know-how” is your greatest confidence booster.

Warning: singing has been known to cause extreme levels of joy and addiction!

It’s all about celebrating voices at every age and stage. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re looking to bring your voice back to its glory days, “Just SING” is definitely for you! It’s not just about hitting the right notes; it’s about singing with all your heart, with the freedom and joy we all crave.

What Makes “Just SING plus” Different?

Canadian Heart and Soul: I’m all about bringing that unique Canadian spirit – friendly, open, and full of heart – to everything I do. And yes, that includes singing and vocal coaching my singers.

Belcanto can Belto: I have combined my Opera Know-How with my 3-years of studying at the Research Institute for COMPLETE VOCAL TECHNIQUE in Copenhagen. This has resulted in my awesome concept of Vocal Bio-Hacking. With my opera background, I’ll help you build a voice that’s strong and flexible, ready for anything from Bach to Rock.

Empathy at Every Note: I get it. Singing is personal. It’s emotional. That’s why I’m here to guide you through every high and low (note).

Here’s a Sneak Peek at Some of What You’ll Learn

  • How to belt out notes with confidence and self-esteem
  • Ways to expand your range and master that perfect vibrato
  • Techniques to make your voice powerful, yet utterly controllable
  • And so much more – from warming up your voice to owning the stage

Why “Just SING” Feels Like Home

This isn’t just another course. It’s a place where you’re understood, where your voice is celebrated, and where you’re empowered to sing like never before. We focus on the whole you – body, mind, and soul.

Big Promise

Unlock the secret to singing with passion and expertise – “Just SING plus”, the online vocal coaching program designed to transform your voice.


Many singers struggle to find and express their true voice. They feel insecure about singing, limited in their vocal technique, and emotionally blocked. Learn how to make your voice powerful yet utterly controllable while having an authentic stage presence that convinces your audience. It’s about being in the moment and singing each note with awareness and intention.

Imagine This

Imagine combining the warmth of Canadian spirit with the discipline of traditional belcanto and the CVT vocal freedom that each of us deserves. A place where you can sing from your heart and hit every note with joy and freedom.


“Just SING plus” is the answer. With over 40 years of stage and teaching experience, every piece of knowledge and technique is poured into this program, teaching you not just to hit the right notes, but to sing with all your heart, full of joy.


Every note you sing is carried with empathy. I understand that singing is personal and emotional. That’s why I guide you through every high and low (note) – with “Just SING plus”, you’ll learn to sing with confidence and self-esteem. Build a voice that’s strong and flexible, ready for anything from Bach to Rock. My opera studies and experience in Complete Vocal Technique empower you to present your voice confidently and convincingly. “Just SING plus” focuses on the whole you – body, mind, and soul. It’s a place where you’re understood, your voice is celebrated, and you’re empowered to sing like never before.

Why This Works

My unique concept of Vocal Bio-Hacking combines the foundation of traditional belcanto technique with the latest CVT vocal technique research. This holistic approach works because it’s based on a deep understanding of the voice and tailored to each singer.

Features of My Offer

6 weeks Online Vocal Coaching (Zoom) June 1 – July 12, 2024
6 1:1 30’ Vocal Coaching
6 Practice Videos plus SONG Prep
6 Master Classes plus HOT SEATS
6 weeks VIP Facebook Group plus Community
6 Participants (Minimum!!!!)
Bonus: “Just SING plus” Work in Progress Online Concert – July 12th

Your Investment: 597,00€/$645 (Early Songbird Fee: 497,00€/$535 before May 1st 2024)

Your Friend, Canadian Opera Singer and Vocal Coach,

P.S. Also share this with anyone who you think would love to participate too.

Vocal Success Studio - Judith Janzen - Online Vocal Coaching Program Sing-Let's-Sing

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