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KW 3 – How can you work with me in 2024!?

Hi, your Vocal Coach Judith here, Opera Singer, CVT Vocal Coach, and Entrepreneur advocating for vocal health and longevity, singer empowerment, and joy.

Are you preparing for the upcoming singing season and wanting to incorporate new and innovative, effective and applicable tools with your singing and singers? Then it is surely not just serendipity (coincidence) that you are reading this now! Let’s make this upcoming singing season unforgettable and wildly successful! My Vocal Success Biohacking is all about empowering you to take control of your performance and create the music life you want. On your terms!

Let’s kick off the new year by tapping into the joy of singing, by reconnecting to our inner desire and boosting our self-confidence. Let’s connect and get inspired as we start off 2024 with intention.

1. What is the Vocal Biohacking Concept?

Vocal Bio-hacking is for everyone although it is definitely not a one-size-fits-all concept. It is imperatively functional for all genres, all ages, sizes and shapes. It is all about building a healthy vocal foundation that keeps you functioning at your very best! My individualized vocal health concept is not a new approach, but a holistic, personalized one involving the entire body, mind, and soul.

2. Judith’s passionate Purpose

My passionate Purpose is to revolutionise our singing culture around Women and Aging (antiquated gender ageism perception (AGAPe) by being a role model and advocate, empowering today’s 40+ women to SING up & out for their rights! Every age has its ARIE!

Mission Possible: BIRTHRIGHT’52 – the freedom to BE at every stage of life!

3. Why Singers choose to work with me

Allow me to share with you some of the reasons why Singers choose to work with me:

  • because they successfully reach their goals
  • because they can sense my focus on their needs
  • because they are experiencing the positive transformation they have been looking for
  • because of the self-awareness they begin to feel
  • because of the self-confidence they exude on stage
  • because they love my energy
  • because I bring them laughter and joy
  • because they feel bold and empowered with a healthy vocal set of tools
  • because they feel safe, without limits and accepted

4. Vocal Success Studio is perfect for you if you…

  • you are eager for a transformation in a safe place, releaSING your vocal potentia
  • you looking for „what to do next“
  • you are yearning for a healthy Work-Life balance
  • you want to stop procrastinating and making excuses about not having enough time for your pastime and are considering implementing the 8 / 8 / 8 hour daily routine in your life. Curious?
  • you are hungry to learn new skills taught with expertise and be that first-rate version of yourself
  • you are interested in really knowing your worth and moving ahead with boldness
  • deep down you simply know that you – Nr. 1 – need to make a change
  • you have been looking to find an effective and joyful way to make the most of your pastime: SINGING!
  • you are desperate to connect with other like-minded women with drive and motivation

5. Vocal Success Studio is not for you if you…

  • you believe you have no time
  • you want to continue procrastinating and ignoring your need to make a change
  • you don’t want to learn any new singing tools
  • you are not prepared to invest in yourself
  • your Work-Life Balance is already perfect
  • you don’t want to connect with passionate like-minded women empowering each other in awesome ways.

6. Vocal Coaching Packages

4-er Newcomer Coaching

  • Who: for ALL New Clients
  • What: you have been looking to find an effective and joyful way to make the most of your pastime: SINGING!
  • When: begin anytime
  • Where: online/offline (VSStudio)
  • Worth: 349,00€ (4 x 45’)
  • 4 test package for new customers

1:1 Vocal Coaching


  • Who: ALL Singers age 16+
  • What: Offline Group Coaching
  • When: next course to be announced
  • Where: offline (VSStudio)
  • Worth: 695,00€
  • Vocal Coaching – STIMM-ICH

Online Group Coaching

  • To Be Announced Shortly!

7. General Information

Join the generation of fiercely ambitious and entrepreneurial women that I am grateful to be a part of.

Join the women who are navigating that ever-changing landscape of their lives.
Do not keep procrastinating and doubting your ability! Let’s take these bold steps together NOW!

My Coaching Packages are for SINGERS…Professional, Semi-Professional and passionate Amateur Singers (‘Amateur’ comes from the Latin word ‘amare’, which means to love. To do things for the love of it)

You are looking for a challenge in 2024? Well, you know, change doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice!
Go from underestimated to unstoppable!
I hear your desire for 2024 and would be blessed to be your Cheerleader!
NOW is the time to embrace your inner magic, tap into your energy, share your natural gifts and radically accept yourself.
Transform from being a good singer to being a great singer.

Please contact me if you interested in working with me 2024

2024 Blog KW3 - Judith Janzen - Vocal Success Studio

And just in case no one else has told you today, let me be the first to tell you that I believe in you and in your ability to SING! Get the support you need and deserve!

Your Vocal Coach,

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