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The 4 main principals of the CVT Singing Concept

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CVT is divided into four main principles, and by combining parts of these principles singers can produce the sounds they want. This also makes it possible to pinpoint and correct specific problems and errors without having to change the parts the singer are happy with.

1. Three basic principles – to ensure vocal health

  • Support
  • Necessary Twang
  • no jaw or lip tension

2. Four modes: Neutral, Curbing, Overdrive and Edge

– to select the desired “gear” to sing in.

3. Sound color

– making the voice brighter or darker.

4. Effects

– to acquire special sounds.

The education system used on CVI is created by Cathrine Sadolin. Due to asthma from childhood she received singing lessons to control her breathing. Because of the illness, she had to develop her own techniques to produce the desired sounds. Her first step was to understand the body and the vocal physiology and she experimented with producing the desired sounds in other ways than the already known methods.

Through research of the anatomy and physiology and all types of singers, she found out that there is an underlying structure behind the sounds that a human can do. This was divided into four different modes that cover all the sounds the human voice can produce. She worked also with a range of professional singers to try out the techniques, when they wanted to produce specific sounds or had problems with their voice. The work formed the basis for the techniques Complete Vocal Institute currently uses and Cathrine Sadolin has continued the voice research together with physicians and acousticians.

Your vocal coach, Judith Janzen here. I had the fortune of studying to become an authorized CVT Teacher from 2018 – 2021. As an Opera Singer I definitely found myself in a cross-training which led me to explore my vocal potential far and beyond my comfort zone. I now empower Singers to do the same in reaching their full vocal potential and sounding authentic in every genre they choose to sing in.

The ”complete” in the name Complete Vocal Technique stands for being able to implement any sound the human voice can produce in a healthy manner once you learn the tools to do that.

If you are curious to learn more, then I invite you to register for my free 4 – week course “Just SING”

“Just SING” is designed to revolutionize your singing experience and empower you with basic vocal tools and understanding of simply singing. This free 4-week online course applying to all genres, will significantly benefit your vocal range, breath support and vocal placement, giving you a structured plan on how to begin to reach your goals. Consistent implementation of the technique tools, song interpretation and mindset strategies, combined with your love to sing are your guarantee for succeeding. To “know-how” is your greatest confidence booster. Warning: singing has been known to cause extreme levels of joy and addiction!
This course is perfect for passionate amateur singers wishing to discover and optimize their natural-born talent. It is designed for lead Singers in Bands, Ensemble and Choral Singers wishing to excel in their next performance as well as anyone wanting to re-discover the joy of singing.

See you there!

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