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Blog KW 1 – My Motto for 2024: BIRTHRIGHT‘52

2024 is well on its way and so are my thoughts as to what I want to achieve, as well as my plan of attack. Never before I have felt so goal oriented as in this year, which also has to do with what began for me in 2023. In the summer of 2023 I visited my homeland Canada and my dear family and friends. I spent some time with my nephews wife, Beth Gage (Goldsmith and Founder of Aesoterica) whom I had asked to create an upcycled ring for me out of my “old” jewelry. We discussed what it was supposed to represent and stand for. Beth made a trip to the farm on which I grew up and gathered some leaves and twigs and earth from our homestead which she then worked into the design. The willow tree and the soil represent my early youth in which time my passion for singing was rapidly developing. The spines of 3 oak leaves symbolize the maturity of my voice. These 3 spines are woven together on the outside edge of the ring representing the 3 aspects of the feminine – maiden, mother and queen – willow, soil and earth. The middle section of the ring is smooth, symbolizing the time in my (our) life (lives) where my voice´ and age were “acceptable”. Because it is my mission to show the world that women and their voices are “acceptable” at any age, it is here that the words BIRHTRIGHT’52 are engraved. The brilliant result of our cooperative design, cast in gold, is what you see here…

2014 Blog KW1 - Judith Janzen - Vocal Success Studio

That being said, I say: “Every age has its Arie!”

1. How did it come to this?

I consider my upbringing to be the foundation for what I feel is “true & right” about me today! I am beyond grateful for the values I was taught and implement them in my life today…I was taught to be to be modest and humble, to always give my best, to work hard and be independent and to love my “neighbor” as myself. However, in my youthful mind, the question arose: how can I love my fellow human being like myself if I am not allowed to love myself (but be modest and humble)? And that was followed up with the question: what does it mean to love myself? Unfortunately, I wasn’t taught what it meant and it took me well into my adult life to figure it out. In hindsight, I believe I began to understand when I was blessed with 3 wonderful children. They more or less taught me how to love. Not to misunderstand; I always felt loved and I loved, but no one taught me how to love myself and I interpreted being modest and humble t mean that I must remain small and sometimes even “invisible”.

What does this have to do with singing? For me it has everything to so with singing. Aside from my family, singing was my “first love”. But, this constant contradiction of “being” loving but at the same time not being arrogant or proud or…resulted in me making myself small (that is tough when you are always the tallest kid with largest shoe size and you keep getting told to stand tall when you sing…). Not once in my life did I hear my father tell me, that he was proud of me. He wasn’t allowed to be proud either. And of course I give him no fault – he learned it from his parents.

I am so utterly grateful to have broken these chains and that my generation has learned to speak out about these life changing qualities – of Self-love. AND…that we are learning to implement it into our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. Rather than judging and criticizing ourselves, we are learning to show ourselves the compassion we also show someone else. To have an appreciation, affinity and positive regard for ourselves – self-esteem and self-compassion. Accepting ourselves as we are and cultivating a deep sense of inner peace and contentment. By prioritizing our own needs and desires, we are better equipped to connect with others, pursue our passions, and achieve our goals.

And here we are, talking about the passion I have for my Mission: BIRTHRIGHT’52 and the goals I have set for myself. Mission possible with self-love!

2. What does it mean to me?

Read on and you will most definitely understand what my Vision means to me.

I have a vision for a world where age is celebrated rather than stigmatised. My passionate Vision is to revolutionise our singing culture around women and aging (antiquated gender ageism perception), by being a role model and advocate, empowering today’s 40+ women to SING up & out for their rights! The freedom to BE at every stage of life!

Pro-aging is: living with a sense of freedom and not allowing ourselves to be restrained by what is dictated to us. No categorical rulebook that we must live by. Aren’t we wise enough to choose at our age, what works for us? For me, pro-aging means living life my way, while wanting the best for others, supporting their, living life their way. Pro-aging is not simply straight ahead. It’s not all or nothing. It’s not certain, but uncertain, with room for curiosity and exploration, for holistic growth and change, for transformation. Being aware of our inner voice, which has been quieted for much too long, and allowing it to guide us. No people pleasing. Let’s create a new generation of acceptance and deciding for ourselves! We can stand tall together and intentionally make change happen!

3. How is this going to influence my year 2024?

No more making myself small!

What are my plans for “walking the talk”?

Well, as you read above, “every age has it’s Arie – it’s Song”. We need to be seen to be heard…we need to SING to be seen! Let’s take the stage with a leading role!

My desire to sing is there and the implementation thereof is dependant on my Mindset – my Self-love.

My Intention is – to sing, to find 3 female musicians (piano, drums, bass) for my Ensemble with the name (drumroll please…) BIRTHRIGHT’52. Surprised?!

My Intention is – to produce a studio recording of my favorite Songs with my favorite pianist and favorite recording engineer!

My Intention is – to take on the engagement as Vocal Coach in Sienna July 6 – 13th! More on that later.

My Intention is – to perform Pergolesi’s STABAT MATER on August 31.2024.

My Intention is – to organise a Womens Vocal ReTREAT “SPRAKKAR 2024” (the Icelandic name for “outstanding, extraordinary women – aren’t we ALL?)

My Intention is – I will be offering a free 4 – week Online Vocal Course in February/March…keep tuned for more information! It is going to be brilliant!

My Intention is – there is more to come….just stay with me, and invite your family and friends to register for my Newsletter and share my Blog Articles with them!

4. What realities will result from these INTENTIONS?

The realities of Mission Possible will be:

the performances of BIRTHRIGHT’52 / a CD recording of my favorite songs for you to listen to / spending a week in Sienna this summer empowering your voice / taking in the concert on August 31st / joining the SPRAKKAR for the best weekend ever / taking the first step to reaching your full vocal potential by joining in on my 4-week free online vocal course.

Join me in my mantra:

It’s time to stop overthinking and start doing.
It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing.
It’s time to stop waiting and start doing.

Live life with INTENTION!

Thanks for staying with me till here! Stay on bord, releaSING your full potential! You are worthy of it!

James Baldwin on what love looks like: “The longer I live, the more deeply I learn that love — whether we call it friendship or family or romance — is the work of mirroring and magnifying each other’s light.”

2014 Blog KW1 - Judith Janzen - Vocal Success Studio

Your Vocal Coach,
…and may you feel the love!

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