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Blogtober 2023 – My TO – WANT – LIST for the rest of 2023

With 70 days left in 2023 I have decided that there is plenty of time to learn something new, to experience things I have been putting off for quite some time, and to fill the last two months of this year with hope and inspiration vs. procrastination for 2024.
Family is definitely priority No. 1 and needless to say or write it – at the top of my list! The rest is my bucket list of adventures big and small which I want to share with you and maybe you are part of this list or maybe it inspires you to personally take part in some of the activities I am offering.
So here is my TO-WANT-LIST by 31.12.2023:


1. Personal Goals to reach by 31.12.2023

2. Business Goals to reach by 31.12.2023

Vocal Success Studio - Judith Janzen-Blog Bang Nr. 5

1. Personal Goals to be reached by 31.12.2023

  1. Visit the “FOLLIES” Produktion in Wiesbaden
  2. Dinner with Adelheid P. and plan Summer 2024 Workshop
  3. Travel to Freiburg to see Fine play in “Cabaret”
  4. Yoga Breathwork
  5. Learn Mailchimp
  6. Organize my Fotos
  7. Empty the garage
  8. Declutter the house
  9. Get the garden ready for winter
  10. Re-new the Housefront windows
  11. Create more Canva templates
  12. Use my Infrared Sauna consistently
  13. Fitness Studio Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  14. Use the Lymph-o-mat daily
  15. Visit to Bremen
  16. Get in touch with Iris S.
  17. Visit with Ulrike
  18. “Sperrmüll”
  19. Empty the basement
  20. See the Barbie Film
  21. Ice bath
Vocal Success Studio - Judith Janzen-Blog Bang Nr. 5

2. Business Goals to reach by 31.12.2023

We do love having guests over for good food and wine and of course long awesome talks! Well, June was the month and our guests were none other than my best childhood girlfriend Virginia and her husband Dan. The fun fact is: we call Virginia „June“ – how suitable is that?!

  1. Begin the STIMM – ICH Vocal Coaching
  2. Weekly Newsletter
  3. Advent Kalender
  4. Create a “Freebie”
  5. Short LIVE Vocal Technique Posts
  6. More Choir Trainings
  7. Set up High Level WOMEN WHO…Sing Ensemble
  8. Prepare Repertoire for Big Band Concert in Freiburg 26.12.2023
  9. 12-Pak instead of single Vocal Coaching Sessions as of January ‘24
  10. 1000 Followers on Instagram
  11. Search for Band Members for my new Female Jazz Ensemble BIRTHRIGHT ‘52
  12. Invitations for Podcast Interviews
  13. Carry on my Mission for Longevity
  14. Singing Engagements for 2024
Vocal Success Studio - Judith Janzen-Blog Bang Nr. 5

I love my family. I love my job. I love challenges. I love growing. I love life.

Your Badass Opera Singer and Vocal Coach,

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