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1. Can any singer benefit from Vocal Biohacking?

Vocal Biohacking will benefit any singer, whether you’re a kid, an adult, or a beginner, or whether you’re an advanced or professional singer. And it’s not just for singers. Actors, teachers, preachers, salespeople, coaches and business people. They have all benefited from Vocal Biohacking. This may sound like an exaggeration, but Vocal Biohacking addresses all vocal issues and will help you achieve your goals with a safe, systematic approach. Vocal Biohacking helps us build our confidence which will lead to lasting results and long-term vocal health.

How long will it take before I hear results?

Improvements are usually audible as soon as you understand a new concept. They take a little longer to set in our muscle memory, and again that depends on your engagement in the coaching sessions and your practice in between sessions. Simply the knowledge you get from your teacher should have an immediate impact on the way you sing. Also, changing singing habits is a process, and some singers need to break more unhealthy habits than others.

Developing and releaSING your super powers!

Developing the artist in you means really knowing what your vocal DNA – your superpowers – can do! This means using vocal techniques to maintain a high level of energy, vitality and resilience in your sound – Vocal Biohacking.

The wonders of Vocal Biohacking help us fulfill our desire to feel better and stay vocally fit for as long as possible, dare to be above average and prepare for a long singing career. We all want to feel and perform at our best, maintaining a high level of energy and vitality in our sound. This is exactly where Vocal Biohacking comes in. By using tools and knowing where we are going, we can achieve optimal vocal health and success on stage. There are many simple things we can do to “biohack“ our voice to help us feel better and perform at our best. My Vocal Success Studio = VSS, offers you great resources for putting together your own individual toolbox for: Belcanto can Belto!

4. Empowering Vocal Transformation

What separates Vocal Biohacking from the “norm”, from the status quo, is arguably not that it is a different type of activity, but that the activities are carried out with a certain mindset. The underlying philosophy is that we don’t have to accept our body’s imperfections – we can overcome them with a variety of vocal solutions. We can now begin our vocal transformation.

Vocal Biohacking gives people the opportunity to explore unconventional ideas in a nonhierarchical environment, transforming a feeling of being outside the norm into a cool identity. Get a head start on singing with Vocal Biohacking.

If you’re looking for more vocal energy or ways to improve your overall vocal resilience, schedule a consultation with me today! VSS = Vocal Success Studio – Judith Janzen

Your On-stage/Back-stage Badass Vocal Coach,

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