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#BlogYourPurpose – Vocal Longevity for Queen-agers!

Purpose vs. Perfection

“We were born with everything we need to answer the call of our soul!” (Marie Forleo)

In earlier days, I lived in fear of not being accepted; in fear of being judged. Oftentimes I chose to adjust myself to make others comfortable.
Recently, I have decided to choose what I truly believe, to choose my authentic self and to choose to stay true to myself. I have made a decision to stop caring about what other people think, because I have come to realize that it is usually not me they are thinking about anyway.

Table of Content:

1. My Purposeful Mission: Birthright ‘52
2. Longevity
3. My Purposeful calling
4. Puposefully unstoppable

1. My Purposeful Mission: Birthright ‘52

My Mission, Birthright 52‘, is taking form! Similar and parallel to my health journey moving forward step by step, my vocal journey has also taken on momentum. It began with my 3-year CVT studies in Copenhagen 2018, enabling me to step out of my comfort zone, putting my feelers out of the safe space of the perfectionist Opera Singer, knowing there was more to singing than just singing perfectly! Combining my classical expertise with my new found freedom and CVT tools to authentically crossover into other genres, has been a Game-changer for me. In my search for a holistic solution to my physical health issues, I discovered the wonderful world of Bio-hacking. And through this holisitic approach, my concept of Vocal Biohacking has evolved. A concept of Crosstraining the voice and reaping the benefits of vocal longevity and authentically singing my long desired cross-genre Repertoire. Not only am I fulfilling my long-desired dream of performing with a Bigband, but also the formation of my Ensemble „Birthright ’52.

2. Longevity

For all my fellow singers, plagued by the taboos of age, by the sense of shame which comes with not meeting up to a certain level of youthful perfectionism due to vocal technique issues, society pressures, or whatever, I hear you! The famous pianist, Alfred Brendel, once said: „Listen and silent are spelled with exactly the same letters.“ Let us listen with the intent to understand and not with the intent to reply! I am here to listen and I also understand because I have been there! I see no need to be silent and ignore my desires. I do however, see the need for dedication and committment if we desire to move forward in the direction of longevity. For singers, our entire being is our instrument, our voice, our breath, our Song and our passion.

We hear it from Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, Jane Fonda, Oprah Winfrey, and we heard it from beloved Tina Turner! From countless artists, all concerned with transforming and manifesting their mindset, to a life of purpose rather than perfection. Longevity!

Be good to yourself – you are yours for life! So as Charlie Mackesy would say: „Be kind to your soft, wild heart.“ I have come to realize that my purpose is bigger than myself! I want to do what I love to do and do it regardless of who is watching. Doing it with dedication and courage, with authenticity and committment. We all have different abilities and goals in life and we must begin to realize that there is room for us all to shine! Let us live our unique skill and stand tall to our purposes.

3. My Purposeful calling

As long as I am breathing, I have a purpose. I know my purpose since I was a child and have followed my „north star“ ever since. There have been paths unexpected and winding, but my purpose has always been guiding me to move on. You might say, that my purpose is breathing…or in other words, transforming my breath into Song. My purpose is Song! So I am definitely and intensely interested in vocal longevity! And because my purpose is bigger than myself, I feel very purposeful in sharing it with others.

No one but myself could take the step out of my comfort zone into the zone of „there is more than simply perfectionism, more than simply obeying the rules of society and politics telling us when to stop!“ As long as I am breathing, I have a purpose and a Song!

I now have the tools for expanding my horizon and at the top of the list and of utmost and foremost importance is none other than…breathing. Our singing depends not on our talent but on our breath support! We begin our lives outside the womb by taking our first breath and as I mentioned earlier, as long as I am breathing…
Transforming my breath into Song is my purpose. My purpose is the call of my soul

4. Puposefully unstoppable

With my clear purpose, it is my desire to bring about a change in thought. The realisation that our Birthright exists as long as we are still breathing. The awareness, that there is more…more than perfectionism, more than withdrawing, more than disengaging, more than being silent. Much more!

We become unstoppable when we committ ourselves to working on our mindset despite what the world around us is trying to dictate. We become unstoppable when we keep moving forward in a healthy manner with tools available for longevity and transformation. These are things no one can take away from us. This is our wild heart calling for MORE. It is ours for life, for as long as we are breathing. My Song. My purpose.

I hear you! I hear your clear and unique voice.
Allow yourself to be the center of my attention!
Sincerely and from my heart.
Your Badass Opera Singer and Vocal Coach,
P.S. Beauty TIPP for your voice: Water and Boundaries. The best longevity advice is to create clear boundaries….and drink your water.
Fun Fact: JJ52

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