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My 5 TIPPS for: Singers unlimited, singing unlimited!

Music is timeless and talent is not only overrated, it also knows no limits.

Vocal Success Studio - Judith Janzen - Blog Bang Nr. 2 My 5 TIPPS for: Singers unlimited, singing unlimited!


1. Be intentional about your WHY

2. Find your Ideal Vocal Coach

3. Determine a like-minded community

4. Do not compare yourself with others – be unique

5. Conceiv, Believe, Achieve

1. Be intentional about your WHY

It is my calling to coach singers to help them to see themselves, and too believe in themselves and believe that they are worthy and enough.

At a certain point sometimes we just need to take a risk…or else everything just remains the same.

Status quo! Know your „WHY“ and then fly girl, fly!

2. Find your Ideal Vocal Coach

I coach singers how to authentically show up on stage, how to use the tools I give them to leverage their vocal potential and how to make a bigger difference in the world with their gift. When you begin working with me as your Vocal Coach, you have made a choice about what deserves to be part of your routine, your goal, your life.

You are saying, „I’m worthy of investing in a personal coach who believes in me and can give me the tools I have been looking for to move on to the next level.”

„I know that you want to make a big difference in the world, that you want to take the stage, but the thought of showing up scares the sh**t out of you. You don’t know what to sing or how to sing it and because you are stuck in overwhelm, you are not moving forward.”

Hi, I‘m Judith, and I get where you are at. I’ve been there and have walked the path. I have been on stage all my life, and I still struggle at times.

Allow me to be the coach that helps you pull yourself into what you are becoming. I will not hold your hand but I will always hold space for you.

I will never tell you exactly what to do.

I will always guide you to find and hear your own truth!

3. Determine a like-minded community

The quality of whom you surround yourself with, defines the quality of your walk.

Take action…take a step in the right direction!

Dear SoulSisters, I have a next step for you. SoulSisters Vocal ReTREAT. It is time to TREAT yourself! First Step is YOU and the second step is to bring along a SoulSister…here are all the details:

When someone or something triggers you to think that you are „not enough“, then use it as fuel and focus on your next step! It is high time to reach deep into your wild heart and take that step!

You are not alone in your endeavors!

4. Do not compare yourself with others – be unique

There is soooo much success and happiness to go around. Your own auhentic spin on things is the pathway to your purpose and success. Who were you before the world told you who and how to be? You’re worthy of taking up space exactly as you are!

Set your mind on your strengths and expertise rather than allowing negative taboos to influence you.

Be daring and do the things you would regret leaving undone. Get comfortable outside of your comfort zone.

Oscar Wilde reminds us to: „Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!“

5. Conceiv, Believe, Achieve

Just imagine – conceiv – your plan. Envision where you it can take you

Not believing in yourself…to learning how to. Learning to unlimit yourself and step into your full potential…discover your superpower.

Make each Song you sing, YOUR Song.

Be authentic and invite your listeners to be emotional.

That is the essence of my Singers unlimited, singing unlimited concept.

Building strength, and resiliency and gaining knowledge. Learning our calling, our purpose, and how we want to feel.

Giving Up Is Not an Option! You’ve got it! Use it or lose it!

P.S. My Newsletter is available to you with even more inspiration and the latest developements for Singers unlimited, singing unlimited.

Sincerely and from my heart.
Your Badass Opera Singer and Vocal Coach,

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